Friday – Short take: We are OPEN tonight, however you may notice a small boarded window when you come in. As seems to be the sign of the times, Lion’s Way was broken into last night.

Longer take: Got a call early this morning (Friday) that there was damage to the school. Upon arriving, I saw that one of the small windows in front had been broken in. They had moved a trash can in order to hide their work. They also broke into the back office, obviously looking for a quick money grab. Now, we don’t keep cash at the school. I think there was $20 in one-dollar bills we use for change. Also, they took an inexpensive Chromebook that we used to sign up new students. While the damage to the window and doors will still mount to over a thousand dollars, nothing else was damaged.

We have cleaned everything up, and we are having everything fixed. The school is OPEN, SAFE and functioning. In these kinds of situation we are actually more worried about the damage a potential intruder might cause. Having to fix doors and windows, while frustrating and costly, does not stop us from doing what we love. Classes are up and running and we continue to provide the best martial arts that Kent, WA has to offer.

Thank you for your support!

Skip Scherer

Owner / Head Coach

Lion’s Way Martial Arts

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