Children’s Class

At this level, your child will be introduced to the importance of setting and meeting their goals, working with others, and self-motivation. There will also be a strong focus on honesty, respect for self and others, and taking responsibility for their actions. The physical emphasis is on strong and clean techniques that will lay the foundation for their future as a Martial Artist.

Enrollment in the children’s class is open year round. You can start anytime, but preregistration is required. Currently, we only accept children 5 years of age or older.

Children work through a traditional martial arts system that teaches techniques from Karate, Kung-Fu, Judo and wrestling.

 Physical Fitness

Physical activity is essential to the wellbeing of every child. Lion’s Way teaches the martial arts in a fun, positive environment that will keep a child on the path to a healthy, active lifestyle.


Lion’s Way teaches traditional martial arts values for today’s children. Having respect for themselves, for others and their surroundings. With these values, we lay the foundation for their future. 


Lion’s Way stresses the importance of a positive attitude in overcoming any obstacles. With our traditional disciplines, your child will gain the focus and determination to conquer all challenges.