This is a physically demanding class that will teach your teen the importance of challenging work and overall discipline. Our Instructors also realize the importance of the development of respect, confidence and the self-esteem needed to help your teenager make those tough decisions and deal with the peer pressure he or she will soon be faced with.

Enrollment in the teenagers’ class is open year round. You can start anytime, but preregistration is required.

Teenagers work through a traditional martial arts system that starts with and expands into Karate, Kickboxing, and SAMBO (Throwing and Submission Grappling)

Physical Fitness

For any healthy individual, it is important to have a properly balanced exercise program. The Lion’s Way includes aerobic, strength training and yoga techniques to tone the body, increase flexibility and strengthen the mind.


Lion’s Way stresses the importance of a positive attitude in overcoming any obstacles. With our traditional disciplines, a teenager will gain the focus and determination to conquer all challenges.

Self Confidence

Lion’s Way teaches traditional martial arts values for today’s teens; having confidence in themselves and the strength to be a leader. With these values, we lay the foundation for their future.