Skip Scherer: Head Coach / Owner

Skip has been training martial arts for almost two decades.  Beginning with boxing and then moving on to a traditional karate / kickboxing style; Skip has earned several traditional style black belts and one 3rd degree black belt; Skip also holds a Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) in Judo. Most importantly he has continued to train; realizing that to stop learning is the greatest disservice a teacher can ever do their students; with that in mind Skip continues to train with top teachers of various martial arts styles Skip  is a professional, full time martial arts instructor.  His time is dedicated to his family and to the martial arts with no other distractions.  His goals in life are to not only improve his own martial arts skills but to also make his students the best that they can be.

Amer Imsic: Assitant Instructor

Amer is a  long time student of Lion’s Way Martial Arts.  Having received his traditional black belt in both our children’s classes and then our adult classes Amer has been training with us for over 17 years! He continues to train and compete in CAMBO classes and helps the school with children and school events.

Evan Dzierzynski: Self Defense Specialist

Evan has been training in a variety of martial arts and self-defense programs for over 15 years and currently trains at Lion’s Way Martial Arts in our SAMBO program.  In 2006 he started training in the S.P.E.A.R. System and Personal Defense Readiness (PDR, the civilian branch of SPEAR).  Evan attended 8 PDR certification training events as well as specialized certifications in ground-fighting and defending against armed attacks between 2007-2013. He assisted in teaching PDR train-the-trainer certification courses from 2011-2013 and has been teaching self defense regularly since 2008. He has trained  in several other combative and self defense programs and is constantly learning and refining how he teaches self-defense. Evan regularly teaches self-defense seminars, workshops, and private lessons throughout the Seattle / Tacoma area. Beforee coming to Lion’s Way Evan also has his own Self Defense business, NOVA Self Defense, which is Partenered with Lion’s Way to offer the best Self Defense courses avaiable.