Monday! This last Saturday we had a blast competing at Proving Grounds Submission Only Tournament. We had 3 people competing and while not everything went our way, they did an awesome job. This was everyone’s first sub only comp and we came away with 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Jared, who has the least amount of experience training, was arguably in the wrong weight class. He was on the lighter side of his competitors, yet still rocked it. Lots of draws, a win and a loss put him out of the bracket.

Grisha only had 2 competitors to challenge. After a long hard fought first round, he lost in the closing seconds to an arm triangle. The second match went the distance with him controlling much of the round, but unable to finish his opponent. Still a great showing. He tied for 2/3 which means bronze in this case, nope not silver.

Kevin had a strange day. Originally, he was supposed to have only 2 others in his division. For whatever reason neither of them showed for weigh ins. Proving Grounds offered to move him into the No-Gi division. We hadn’t done ANY preparations for No-Gi at this tournament, but oh well. He blazed through his opponents with a couple quick arm bars in the first 2 matches. The third match went longer, his opponent here had such grit and determination, he struggled to get him to tap to another arm bar attack. At one point Kevin almost relented thinking he had harmed him. Last match both him and his opponent were pushing exhaustion and his opponent managed to be the better grappler this day. Sinking in a great triangle choke. Silver in a division you didn’t even train for is fantastic!

All had an exciting time, and everyone learned so much. That’s what competition is all about. Videos of matches with be coming soon to our YouTube channel so keep an eye on: https://www.youtube.com/user/lionsway

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