A lot is going on! As some of you saw, this last weekend the adults did fantastic at the Proving Grounds Submission Only Tournament. Keep an eye on https://www.youtube.com/@lionswaymartialarts for videos later this week.

This week we have classes as normal, except for Friday. No classes on Friday Feb. 17, 2023. If you normally come on Friday, please make up the classes as you can. This week, next week or whenever works best for your schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for understanding.

Next week is Presidents’ Week, the week starting Monday Feb. 20th. We will be OPEN for all classes during Presidents’ Week. Class schedule as normal.

Now, with all the info dump out of the way, we can get back to training. We will award kids and teens that tested their new rank starting today and learning the new techniques that go with it. Adults will continue their awesome training and work some classic Judo throws and start an indepth look at leg locks. Training like champions each and every day, let’s get started!

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