Monday! On Friday I said we have about 2 weeks till testing, oops. Sorry about that, it actually looks like we have 3 weeks till testing for children and teens! I forgot because of the way the days fall that the first Friday of June is the 7th this time. Use that extra week to your advantage! We’ll make it a great test!

Adults, however, you only have 2 weeks to go! Our open Open Enrollment for our SAMBO (also called CAMBO) class is currently active. While our children and teens classes are open year round for new students, our adult class is a private training group. We only accept new students in the SAMBO class during February, June and October. You must preregister before starting and the window is only open from June 3rd to the 24th. Contact us for more detailed information!

Last, if you’re feeling bold and exciting, don’t forget to check out the all cotton colors available in our online shop! Search for “cotton” for options! A little something for everyone!

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