Friday Testing Times!

Testing Times for this Friday – 8-5-2022

Please remember to ARRIVE EARLY. Once a test has started, late students may not be able to enter. This is a good-sized test, so please be patient as we work through it!

Children (By their current belt color)

White, Sr. White, Yellow and Sr. Yellow — 5 pm

Orange, Green and Sr. Green — 5:30 pm

Sr. Red — 6 pm


Teenagers (All belt ranks)

If possible, teenagers should show up at 5 pm to help with the children’s test. If not, then please show by 6:30 pm. The teenager test will begin immediately after the children’s tests end.

All teens should show for the test whether they are testing or not. Please support your teammates and plan to be there for the entire test. Due to the size of this test, please plan for a late night.

Thank you all for your support!

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