5-1-2024 June Open Enrollment

Lion’s Way is offering a limited-time opportunity for adults to join our CAMBO class! This unique program combines elements of Russian throwing, submission grappling, striking, and self-defense in a fun and supportive environment. While our children and teens classes are open year round for new students, our adult class is a private training group. We only accept new students in the CAMBO class during February, June and October. 

Now accepting registration for the June Open Enrollment, which will last from June 3rd to the 24th.

Here’s what makes Lions Way special:

  • Get fit and learn valuable self-defense skills.
  • No egos, just dedicated training.
  • Small classes (max 10 students) for personalized attention.
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced martial artists alike.

Limited-time offer! Our June open enrollment is happening from June 3rd to 24th. Don’t miss this chance to join our amazing community.

Contact us today to reserve your spot or more detailed information!

  • Message us here.
  • Email us directly: info@lionsway.us

We look forward to training with you!

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