Friday! Looks like we’re going to have a beautiful weekend! We’ll try to match that tonight with some beautiful training!

Thought I’d take a moment and share our class helpers with you. Class helpers are not instructors, but are official staff here at Lion’s Way Martial Arts. Like any job, they receive training and have duties to perform. Thier first responsibility, obviously, is to help with classes. In the kids’ class, they will sometimes run warm-ups or work with new students one-on-one. They also help watch kids when class is over, making sure each student gets home with the correct parents / guardian. They can answer basic questions when the instructor is busy and, most importantly, they help keep the school clean!

In the middle, we have our longest running helper, Ms. Aria. To the left is Ms. Komal and to the right is our newest helper, Mr. David. A great group of teens that we are proud to have representing our school! Give them a shout out when you see them. They love the attention!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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