Adults, are you ready to work on your goals? This fantastic opportunity is starting soon! First class is February 5th! You must be pre-registered!

While our children and teen classes are open year round for new students, our adult class operates as a closed training group. That means we only have open enrollment three times a year! February, June and October.

So our next open enrollment is coming. Our CAMBO class, Russian style throwing, submission grappling, striking and self defense, has what you need. A no ego atmosphere dedicated to training. Classes are capped at 10 students, ensuring personalized attention from our experienced instructors. A great learning environment for those new to CAMBO or those looking to up their previous training.

Contact us today for more detailed information and how to reserve your spot! Message us here or e-mail us directly info@lionsway.us 

We look forward to training with you!

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